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We thanks and appreciate the works of our  existing and perspective clients. Our Procurement Team is tailor-makers of target offers for our clients needs in ourchasing or proposing furniture and accessories.

Our efforts in preparing each offer is wide and precise , so is our committments. To cope with the market and give you the best solutions we are committing ourselves to the highset standard : precise calculation of cost and sourcing, shop drawings (if required) , multiple suppliers queries, professional and scalable offers in excel. All of this delivered within 2 working days to your desk.

To archieve this we require a modular price for each offer , as commitment from the client. The cost will be 100% refunded when the order will be placed .

Please use the form below to send us your Offer Request and receive a custom quotation.


Each offer are comprensive of 2-3 suppliers alternatives , taxes, shipment, supplier's evaluation.

CATALOGUE ITEMS (existing items from Furniture Brand )

1 to 50 items : 2 USD per item

over 50 items: 1.7 USD per item

BOQ redaction (if not supplied by client)

50 USD - lumpsum

Techical Sheet redaction

2 USD per item

Shop Drawings :

150 USD per item

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